Friday, November 15, 2019

Man What Life Can Do In A Blink

Life throws us so so many curve balls. Good, bad or indifferent i try hard to be happy in the moment and whatever God intends to happen will. My business is on of the most amazing parts of a curve ball I let God throw me and ran with.  
I have been afforded the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing people. I met my very best friend in this world because of this business and for that I thank God daily.  I say all the time that this business is preordained and I mean that. I feel like this is the road he wants me on and has paved the way the whole time. Now let's fast forward to this moment.  I have an amazing business that is thriving. I have a team of women that I LOVE and I am on my way to better things. 
Interested? Awesome.  You can shop my website anytime. 
Or if you are wanting to be part of The Blinged Out Diva's then you can do that 👇  I am so very blessed and I want to pass this to you. 
Message me for details 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

What's Your Diva Up To You Ask?

As most all of you know I have started my own business. I have even talked about it here on the blog. Well I am going to do much better on keeping the blog up because I feel it will benefit us all.
I will go into more detail on all of this in a future post. I basically just wanted to make a post with a couple of links for you.
If you want to join my team
If you just want to shop
Make sure you stay tuned..

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Blinged Out Diva

5.00 Jewlery what???? Y'all I am loving the business and I am here to tell you, you would as well..  New released Monday through friday and it ships straight to you. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


As most of you know i have started my own business. Well now.i actually habe two business. I am loving direct sales and i added LipSense to my resume. I mean come on what woman wouldn'tlove 5.00 jewlery and makeup.
With this month being coustmer appreciation month if u purchase 7 pieces u will receive a beautiful necklace with matching earings for free..
The link will take u to my website and there is where u shop and from there it is shipped straight to you.
This business has given me so so much but most importantly it has given me back me. It actually gave me the strength and courage to take on LipSense.  These two businesses hand in hand give me something HUGE. The self confidence had lost due to horrible clinical depression.  Its so much more than 5.00 jewlery.  But yall omg sew i have begun to ramble. My reason for this post is because i have actually continued my healthy eating and my walking. Not so much the workoutpart but def the walking part.
Well the other day(i say that and laugh because at this point they all run together) i put on a pair of jeans i had honestly figured were a dream. I didnt think i would ever get my big ole butt in them ever.
Well i put on a pair of size 12 jeans for the first time in 3 maybe even 4 years. And i want u to know i have a small meltdown lol. Omg omg me in a 12.. So lets bring on the questions and lets bring on the fun. Its time to get back to the grind. I am so in love with who God is creating in me.